Blitz everyone wants Wednesday to see dancing

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Forget the Swish Swish’or Skibidi, this remarkable new single and Flemish production could be the new danshype. Pieterjan and Jens forms already more than 10 years, the kidspopduo BlitZ. With this very catchy single, they want an important statement to make. Tablets and MOBILE phones are now indispensable to the young (and older) folk. Our ‘Ritititi virus’ leads to strange things, working super contagious and inspires people to dance.’ In the video clip do Pieterjan and Jens literally anything to get the people to dance.
As they are in the song singing ” there is nothing on tv, go on Wednesday afternoon, april 24, all television screens of the children’s channels on black for the annual Buitenspeeldag. BlitZ calls all that day together in the outdoors to dance.

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