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Binance Coin by the all-time breaks as the First high of January 2018 – Coin Hero

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Binance Coin by the all-time breaks as the First high of January 2018

Home News Binance Coin breaks through as First of the all-time high of January 2018

Marcus Misiak –

The Binance Coin has developed since the beginning of 2019 outstanding. Since 1. January rose NBB by more than 315 percent. The NBB has made it as a crypto currency, the previous all-time high of 12. To exceed January 2018.

After a disastrous year in 2018, and the free case, the total market capitalization of a January High of over $ 800 billion to a December Low of just over 100 billion dollars in the last couple of weeks for crypto-investors were a welcome change. As the market rise for the first Time in months, back over $ 180 billion, benefited from increases in several coins of above-average price increases, with the Binance Coin, is currently the biggest winner.

Binance Coin (BNB), the native Token of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world increased in the last weeks of # 14 (by market capitalisation) on place 7. With a considerable increase of 315 percent in the last few months, BNB has strengthened its Position in the market, which is mainly due to the success of the company Binance. A series of announcements that came from Binance, contributed significantly to the BNB is the first crypto-currency, its all-time high of 24.46 USD on 12. January 2018 could exceed.

The main purpose of Binance Coin it was, dealers with significant discounts apply to the trading fees, if you are using BNB for the payment of their fees. According to the official white paper, those who use NBB for the payment of their fees received in the first year a discount of 50 per cent, in the second year, 25 per cent, in the third year, 12.5 per cent and in the fourth year, 6.75 per cent. This applies to stock exchange fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees and all other fees on Binance.

The initial supply of the BNB was set at 200 million. The Malta stock exchange has, however, said that the BNB-the Equivalent of 20 percent of your quarter is going to destroy profits, up to 50 percent of all the coins are burned, and only 100 million of BNB are in circulation. So far there have been 7 quarterly “Coin Burns”, which have drawn 10.677.344 BNB from the traffic and thus the supply of BNB have tightened.

Binance also the first crypto-currency exchange that began with the implementation of Initial Exchange Offerings (inner-earth objects). Essentially, there are Fundraising events in which the exchange selects a particular project, Token on a special platform and, after the completion of the IEO for the trade lists. The catch, however, is that you can only use the native Token of the stock exchange to participate. Therefore, those who wish to participate in one of Binance carried out in IEO must buy, first of all, BNB. In addition, Binance a new rule has been introduced by all who want to participate, requires that you hold BNB for at least 20 days prior to the event. So far, Binance Launchpad has completed four inner-earth objects, each of which was completed in a matter of seconds with Thousands of participants.

Another important development around Binance the recent announcement of the Mainnets for decentralized decentralized Binance Chain, while further Details are still open.

All this and much more is likely to have contributed to the rally of the Binance Coin of 6.19 USD at the beginning of the year to the current rate.

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