Ben Cramer releases new version of Zai Zai Zai from

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On Monday 22 april 2019 in the Netherlands National Zaaidag and this have a large English department store Ben Cramer turned on to the campaign a boost. His song “Zai Zai Zai” from 1967 is aptly renamed to ” Sow Sow Sow’. The well-known singer with major hits to his name, is surprised by the success of this action. The video clip is already the most watched of all the campaigns of the Beehive . Of course Am also very concerned about the developments on the bijenpopulatie and is pleased in this way to make a contribution. He hopes this also a positive impulse to be able to give on this issue, and that the people are aware of the fact that the time has come for all the shoulders to put to the bijenpopulatie a boost. Ben Cramer is a child of nature, and in his scarce free time often to be found in the beautiful nature of his home town of Baarn. Scientists look with great care to the development of the bijenpopulatie worldwide. The hard-working insects ensure flowers are pollinated and are therefore essential in the cycle. Urbanization ensures that bees are driven off and the call is to give what it wants: flowers. Each pouch bloemzaadjes that the department store deals is good for a square meter for the food, let the company know. Customers will receive the bloemzaadjes to make a purchase in one of the stores of the Hive and are able to “Sow Sow Sow” singing start to a beautiful summer with lots of flowers and bees.

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