Bangelijk penalty poster for Pennenzakkenrock 2019

14803d823cea51f74deddd644fc5efd1 - Bangelijk penalty poster for Pennenzakkenrock 2019

The end of the school year is coming rapidly closer, which means that Pennenzakkenrock not more distant. On Thursday 27 June, enthusiastic students and teachers completely out of the sphere going at the 25th party edition of the festival. With talented artists on the main stage, an equivalent dj-stage and more than 50 edge animations promises to be a great day to be. In addition, drums Pennenzakkenrock together with Urban real vuilnishelden on to the festival grounds clean so as to contribute to a better environment.

The main stage will receive well-known highlights such as the KetnetBand and the cast of #LikeMe. Experience along with Caro, Vince, Camille, Yemi and Kyona a vibrant show bursting with dance, and of course your favorite hits.
This party edition, there must be extra hard from the bulb gone. There will be a 2nd dj stage on the beach. Beginning that dansbenen but train for Regi and DJ FRANK were again of the party. Of course the poster wasn’t, this is just the beginning of a line-up for you to say.

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