B-Classic: a non-classical, classical music festival

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From Thursday 25 april to Sunday 5 may and crack the music sounding high in Genk and Tongeren. During the 2nd B-Classic-festival, you can see how classical music in the year 2019, a non-classic character can get. With a rap-opera, a € 1-concert, Vivaldi’s’The Four Seasons’ is interpreted by Queen Elisabeth international music competition-winner Lorenzo Gatto, and many more strange ducks. The presentation of the festival again this year in the hands of the Dutch singer, poet and writer Rick de Leeuw. Ambassadors Noémie Wolfs, Thomas Vanderveken and Elisa Guaracci put their shoulders under the festival.

The Limburg Genk and Tongeren are at the music festival B-Classic, from Thursday 25 april to Sunday 5 may, the stage for a musical finale. In 12 concerts music lovers classical music in a different way discover. Six days in belgium and six days in Tongeren. The line-up read detail below. In the explainers do you already have a first experience.

Thursday 25 april: Friendly match
Opening Night – Library – Genk
What starts as a friendly game ends in a duel. The library of Genk is taken as if it were a Roman amphitheatre. The audience takes place on the floors that serve as bleachers and balconies, on the ground floor and crack a never before seen spectacle los.
Genk associations compete against each other in a contest in which music and dance decide on profit and loss. Centerpiece of the musical event is the zeventigkoppige harmony of Neeroeteren, supplemented with external musicians.
With Dick van der Harst as a director and composer, and Judith Clijsters as a choreographer, is the overall chaos somewhat at bay. Ripple will never, never, shoot with certainty.

Friday 26 april: Dinner with wings
Jef Neve trio and guests – Thor Central – Genk
The annual night on which B-Classic, in a coproduction with the Lions Club, the heart, the stomach and taste buds satisfied, and the ears, something serves what they never heard.
In the Barbarazaal of Thor Central, the legs are under the table pushed for a succulent dinner with musical accompaniment by Jef Neve and his guests Alano Gruarin, Michel Bisceglia Carlo Nardozza, Rhonny Ventat and the Australian jazz singer Kristen Cornwell.
The proceeds of the evening goes traditionally to The Little Prince, a Hilly non-profit organization that advocates for children who before the age of eighteen are affected by cancer or other life-threatening illness.

Saturday 27 april: The “Four Seasons” by Gatto
Meanwhile, back in Venice – the Small hall of C-Mine – Genk
Antonio Vivaldi composed and completed “The Four Seasons” in Venice in the twenties of the eighteenth century, an absolute golden age for classical music as for the city where Vivaldi was at home. But Venice has changed, is suffering from its own cultural history and heritage, and are in doubt for many years between the lure of tourists if they can fly from themselves to turn.
Lorenzo Gatto, that Venetian roots and the “Bruges of the South” a particular cares, bring on the B-Classic is a highly personal version of ‘The Four Seasons’, on size today. Classical music combined with modern elements, delivered with a by Gatto himself composed ensemble. Who is Lorenzo Gatto know that the word taboo is not in his dictionary, and that the bar musically, not higher.


aterdag April 27: € 1-concert
Compressorenhal C-Mine – Genk
B-Classic is organising on Saturday afternoon from 14h30 to a $ 1 concert. For that one euro you at the door neertelt, you get quite a bit more than in the shops, where B-Classic name and inspiration for this concert came from: a full concert of accordionist Philippe Thuriot and saxophonist Rhonny Ventat. What exactly it is, must remain secret, but for once you can for 1 euro, absolute top class. Accessible, it is still just that little bit more accessible.
Afterwards there is coffee and cake. Included in the price.

Sunday april 28: Rap-opera
Scaramouch! Scaramouch! – C-Mine Cultuurcentrum – Genk
The rap-opera is an absolute first for B-Classic to 2019. The young Genk rapper and a performing artist Gorges Ocloo (R. I. T. S. alumni who have previously worked with, among others, Tania Van Der Sanden, Hilde Van Mieghem and Manu Riche) wrote the screenplay, Maarten Lingier got the compositional responsibility over the music. Raf Vertessen, a drummer from Tessenderlo today from New York operates, was co-composer and bent over the grooves.
One actress, a rapper, two classic solo voices and musicians from both the classical and popular music to bring a story in which the excesses of neo-liberalism are being questioned. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? A rap-opera, as a feast for thought.

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