Anxiety keep Sergio Herman’s awake

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Each and every house has its cross, but the family of Sergio Herman received two years ago a heavy cross to bear. First there was the death of the unborn child of Sergio Herman and his wife Ellemieke Vermolen. That happened just before the birth, all the preparations were made and then, suddenly, came the dramatic news that Ellemieke a dead baby in her belly. As if that wasn’t enough tragedy, died the father of Sergio Herman two months later at the age of 69. And his father was his great example, the man who Sergio Herman just about everything had taught. The passion for cooking he got from his dad, it was also the man who taught him cycling, learned to enjoy life and so much more. “Now I can normally talk about, but I can also suddenly start crying. Ever since then, the death me busy. Sometimes I get in the middle of the night anxiety attacks. I’m in therapy, that I dare not hesitate to say”, we read in an interview in the appendix of The Volkskrant, a Dutch newspaper.
To say goodbye to his unborn baby Josha was a major event. Ellemieke would like to have a third child with Sergio Herman, but that happiness she has never known. “I have four children, two with her. I wanted her like a third child, but one day I said to her, I do not know why: “it’s fate, not defy’, we read in The newspaper. Sergio Herman’m not sure he’s that ruling had had to do. “It is wrong. I’m not saying that this is my words was, but I always have a little voice in me that I try to follow. Is that faith in myself? Superstition? I don’t know.”

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