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Anderlecht and Gent to share the points after a dreary 0-0

682e4b561498163ec4a5c234e04dc10e - Anderlecht and Gent to share the points after a dreary 0-0

Anderlecht and AA Gent have their first point caught in Play-Off 1. If they are in there really to be happy about it is another matter. The duel between the two worst teams in the PO1 was not illogical also the worst game from this PO1. A ball of Verschaeren on the crossbar and a blast of Bezus on the pole were the two only highlights in a match as soon as possible, to forget.

‘Jeunesse Anderlechtoise l’avenir est a vous’. With a banner across the entire width of the spionkop made the Brussels fans clear where lies the key for the reconciliation between the club and its audience. A message Belhocine also note held by jeugdproducten Amuzu – still fit hit – and Saelemaekers again in the basiself to drop. More surprising was the choice for Milic, as a replacement for the suspended Kara. For AA Gent got Chakvetadze a move after his strong subbing at Antwerp. Bezus had on the midfield to make room for powerhouse Esiti.

No ball between the posts

Anderlecht demanded from the kick-off possession of the ball, but had trouble with the pressing at AA Gent. The result was a first half of the Play-Off 1 was unworthy. No good football, no excitement and not even single ball between the posts in the first 45 minutes. The home team took quite the initiative but had the oh-so-hard to be a full-fledged chance at each other at football. The audience had to do with three small injections. A first shot of Amuzu sailed a few metres apart. A cross from the same Amuzu was just a little too sharp for the incoming Saelemaekers and on a smart pass from Najar missed Verschaeren complete his shot.

Not that the visitors much trouble did to the show value to the height you hunt. AA Gent played hesitant and listless and still got the best chance in the first half. Chakvetadze had sculpted themselves to release in the sixteen, but it did than a limp ball down and that, in addition to bumped. Indicative of the level of the first half.

Second half (something) better

Spent the second half improvement? Fortunately. Though it was just a little bit. A blast of Jonathan David whizzed right next to the post and in the 56th minute we got even a first ball within the frame with a header from Bronn right into the arms of Didillon. The reaction of Anderlecht followed just after the hour. In a messy phase collided Amuzu first on Kaminski and popped Verschaeren then a cross from Bolasie from close range on the crossbar.

The explosion was unfortunately temporary. Both teams hervielen in the soft spectacle of the rest to the substitute Bezus in the 83rd minute, everyone awake again shook with an icicle on the pole. On the other hand, put Verschaeren also Kaminski to work, but nonetheless, they were the visitors in the lead for most of the threat made. Two attempts of David were rendered harmless by Didillon.

Both teams so for the first time the zero in this PO1 and grab their first point. But a lot of reason to celebrate had the supporters of both sides not …

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