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Westerlo forget to reward themselves at Ostend

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Westerlo and Oostende could tonight and not score, and that is especially sour for the team of Bob Peeters. The Kempenaars created enough chances to be three or four times to score, but lacked efficiency. A slap KVO may be quite happy with a point in ’t Cup.

In the Kempen was Saturday night the second place after the dominant STVV on the game. Westerlo started eagerly with two doelkansen within the two minutes, but the fighting cocks lacked precision. A problem that them, incidentally, a whole race issue would play. Fourteen opportunities only for peace of mind. Only one time ended up a doelpoging within the framework.

One time had to Dutoit, therefore, to intervene. It was necessary too. Abraham, again good for three more chances, put a one-two with Petrov and threw it to the farthest corner, the visiting goalkeeper soon went against the plain.

On the other side had also Van Langendonck for peace only one time intervention, it already knew the Person much less difficulty with the shot distance of D’haese. It was the sign of a weak race of KVO. The kustjongens tried on the counter attack for danger, but the poor fit and the lack of care attracted a lot more attention. The Sutter, once again in the team for Guri, it was only once brought into position.

The visitors tried after the break, their level, what to boost, but long they could not maintain. It was re-Westerlo that the gretigst and most dangerous showed. It remained the chances and half-chances pile up, but also after the break, it was the visor not sharp enough.

In Van Langendonck after he kicked or headed home just about every home player on purpose. Without success so. After a smart action of Petrov to the back line held Vandendriessche Van Eenoo but just the 1-0. Ondoa, who is the injured Dutoit had come to replace, could end up the most balls over the dead ball line look. Still got Westerlo in the slot even nearly what it deserved: three points, Substitute The Schryver appeared only for Ondoa, but decided right on the Kameroener.

No three points and a second place for Westerlo, that in Play-Off 2 for positive and attractive football continues to cause. KV Oostende is thanks to the division point or the second, that’s the only thing on which they are on the coast satisfied with.

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