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Union gives double bonus from hands and is a maximum of lost, Theo Bongonda is the hero of Zulte Waregem

b4a9df11fdb528aeb6676826d524d90f - Union gives double bonus from hands and is a maximum of lost, Theo Bongonda is the hero of Zulte Waregem

They know the exciting, the boys of Zulte Waregem. Just like last week against Moeskroen occurred only in the extra time 2-2. The substitute Theo Bongonda made therefor. Union had the victory, after the Inhabitants, too many opportunities verkwanselden.

The contrast with last season are even greater at Zulte Waregem? Around this time last year freewheelde Essevee Play-off 2 and was in his group at the head of shine, with a handsome 13 to 15. In the middle of the playoffs is a poor 4 on 15 Dury his troops together could play.

The party leader of a Union was actually a class too strong for Essevee, who this Play-off 2 with a lot of rotation soon. And that is it. The Inhabitants left after the gap depth and went to a 2-0-lead with too much frivolity and play.

Again came the troops of coach Francky Dury, not the best for the day in the opening stages. The pleasant spring sunshine, had Essevee clearly not inspired. The young Ewoud Pletinckx made not best turn. In the first five minutes of play saw the 18-year-old central defender first Niakaté and then Tau in his back diving. The visor of the Union-focus was not as sharp. The third time it was touch for Niakaté. Once again it was Pletinckx seen: 1-0.

Only in the second quarter got Zulte Waregem somewhat of a grip on the game. De Smet forced Kristiansen to a handsome parade, Seck nodded the ensuing corner, just next to it. At Essevee, there was too little movement to the party leader of Union really disconcerting. From the nothing saw Seck an icicle on the cover strip finish. The Blemish could even heads, but Kristiansen saved again. The party was, as it were, what come to a standstill and Union lay in on the counter-attack. Just before the break gave Smith the perfect opportunity to score in balance, the Person aimed his volley over.

Dury grips with double switch

Dury had seen enough and decided to but poulain Theo Bongonda, Mathieu The Set should rest. Also Chris Bedia – which is really nothing helped, stayed in the dressing room, Idrissa Sylla was his replacement. Change for the better provided that not at. Union continued to insist. First tapped Niakaté just next. Pletinckx committed than a penaltyovertreding on Selemani. The same Selemani kicked off the team credentials and stay up against the bar. It was only a postponement. Niakaté signed for his second of the night: 2-0 and books. The Inhabitants dolden with moments with the defense of the third tier of belgian football. A little too much frivolity ensured that the score is not higher down. Bongonda milderde still up 2-1. The game seemed over, but in the extra time was the same Bongonda that are still for the final drawing.

Union did so after a perfect report of 15 on 15 to achieve in this Play-off 2. Zulte Waregem saved for the second consecutive week a point in extremis. 4 15 still no result in order to write. For Essevee are still five long matches, which coach Francky Dury can continue to rotate.

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