Two men arrested in investigation into murder of journalist in Northern Ireland

0680c20801a3af0f23776adc1c0f447f - Two men arrested in investigation into murder of journalist in Northern Ireland

Thursday night came, the journalist, Lyra McKee to when she was present at the riots in a suburb of the Northern Irish city of Derry. The police made it known that two young men were arrested in the framework of the moordonderzoek.

The arrested men are 18 and 19 years old, so made the police famous. They are in Belfast answered. The men are being held under anti-terrorism legislation. Earlier police had a video recording of a suspect spread.

The 29-year-old journalist was shot when in the catholic neighborhood of Creggan violent rioting. The police was there barged into a house in search of weapons and explosives. The district responded with molotov cocktails and stones.

McKee was struck by a bullet in the head and died on the way to the hospital. The detectives went immediately out of a ‘terrorist incident’ and started an investigation of a killing. They suspect that behind the action, a militant Republican group, the New IRA is.

Politicians from Great Britain and Ireland the act strongly condemned. Michelle O’neill, vice-president of Sinn Féin, speaks of ‘an attack on the entire community and the peace process’. DUP-chairman Arlene Foster argues that violence on the street now has the same error as in the seventies. “No one wants to go back to that time.’

McKee was born in Belfast, is evident from the information of the literary agency Janklow & Nesbit. She wrote a lot about the conflict between catholic republicans and protestant unionists in Northern Ireland. On her Twitter account she had Thursday, still posted a photograph about the riots in Derry.

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