Tinne Oltmans, and Tatyana Beloy in high school comedy ‘Misfit 2’

35b929621feb61c371cdb8d1201c0fbc - Tinne Oltmans, and Tatyana Beloy in high school comedy 'Misfit 2'

There will be a sequel to the successful Dutch movie MISFIT. This producers NewBe and Splendid Film today announced. The film belonged in 2017 to one of the most successful Dutch bioscoopreleases with 260.000 visitors in the Benelux, won among other things a ‘The Best Social Media Award’, was weeks trending on Netflix and has already been sold to several countries for a remake.

The main role is opnieuwgespeeld by the hugely popular Djamila, known from the YouTube channel MeisjeDjamila. It is with more than 1 million subscribers, the largest Dutch female YouTuber. In addition to playing the lead role is also her music in the film processed. Other roles are reserved for Donny Roelvink, Niek Roozen, Gio Latooy, Défano Holwijn, Jill Schirnhofer, Eddy Zoëy, Bente Fokkens, Jolijn Henneman and Fenna Ramos. Among the new faces are the Flemish actresses Tinne Oltmans, and Tatyana Beloy, as well as Sem van Dijk, Hanwe, Jeremy Frieser and Jan Kooijman.

After Julia (Djamila) has come back from America for the new school year, she may together with Nick (Niek Roozen) to participate in a major national music competition: a dream come true. But when Nick unexpectedly from school change he is completely wrapped by the multi-talented Babette (Tinne Oltmans, he even convinces, together with its a number.To Nick to pick back up and the Battle of the Schools to win there is no other choice for Julia and her Misfit squad than to work together with their eternal rivals: the VIP squad!

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