The Starlings bring second single ‘Never Alone’

7355cc0dc9cd6c274c29b7962b949026 - The Starlings bring second single 'Never Alone'

After their first successful single, ‘Mine’, The Starlings a second number. Tom Dice and Kato Callelbout chose together for the summer single ‘Never Alone’. The song is about all the thoughts and insecurities as a songwriter in the music industry, but also about the uncertainties as a human being you are experiencing.

“As we are sometimes around us, look around, do people do it so ‘easy’ look and slip them on the same flow through life as if they never have problems and only positivity to radiate. While we just have the feeling at all to doubt. “Is this the right decision?”, “Is that the direction that I need?”… The rest of the content gives the listener for themselves to fill. “
The song also has a double meaning, because how much doubt there are sometimes in our heads is, we are never just our path. You’ll always have people around you who greatly love you and who you are as moments also.
How deep the meaning is, we have there really is a hopeful song with positive feel-good summer vibes in our typical folk-roots-pop style.

And there is more news: the ukulele is back with a vengeance!

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