Seagram-heiress pleads guilty in scandal round sect

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Clare Bronfman (40) pleaded Friday to guilty of making it possible to kreditkaartfraude and housing of an illegal immigrant. The case is part of a lawsuit about a cult in New York.

The woman admitted that she deliberately shelter gave to a migrant, with a fake work visa, with the aim of themselves and the organization to enrich. The woman had then for her and the organization work. They also helped Keith Ranier, the founder of Nxivm, to the credit card of a deceased woman to use.

As part of her plea gave Bronfman agree to a forfeiture of 6 million dollars, and not to appeal against a sentence of imprisonment of less than or equal to 27 months. They indicated that they ‘very penitent’. “I wanted to do good in the world and help people, but I have made mistakes,” she said.

Bronfman is just one of several persons who are accused in the case regarding the secret organization Nxivm. Also actress Allison Mack, known from the television show ‘Smallville’, argued earlier this month found guilty of blackmail in connection with the organization Nxivm. Former president of Nxivm Nancy Salzman and her daughter, Lauren Salzman argued in march, are also guilty.

Sex trafficking

Founder Keith Raniere (58) was launched in march 2018 arrested on the basis of charges relating to sex trafficking. Prosecutors accuse Raniere it a sect where women were branded with his initials, and obliged to sparkling wine to have with him. Last month there was another charge: sexual exploitation of a minor, and her oblige to child pornography. He pleads innocent, his lawyer says that the sexual contact is mutual and denies the allegations regarding child pornography.

Nxivm describes itself on the website as ” a community guided by humanitarian principles that is looking for answers to the questions of what it means to be human.

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