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Ripple-backed Startup launches payment platform for retail on iOS and Android

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Ripple-backed Startup launches payment platform for retail on iOS and Android

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Ripple supports Startups Working on payment solutions for an innovative and newly designed financial system and conduct Research. XRPL Labs has introduced a new App that allows micro-to receive Zahungen for retailers.

The App bears the name of XRPayments and is available for both iOS and Android available. The App turns any compatible device an instant Point-of-Sale System, with the retailer XRP can accept. The founder and CEO of XRPL Labs, Wietse Wind, describes that the App is presented on the next XRP-Community Meeting in Amsterdam is closer and its precise function will be explained in detail.

The App has a built-in currency Converter, with the user in virtually any country Fiat into XRP and convert can convert. In addition to the POS App XRPL Labs is three more XRP to develop-centric platforms. A signature platform, access to the user with your mobile devices to your XRP balance, and then through multiple social Apps can verchicken. Furthermore, the Software should be written for a Cold Wallet, and tested. The third objective is the development of decentralized Exchanges, to the user with XRP without a can trade between traders.

Xpring is the Kapitalarm of Ripple that will be used to support a company with a Vision. Here, no exact amount of investment was published, however, the Work of XRPL Labs should be conducted in the next two to three years.

XRP soon integrated into Skype?

The credit rating Agency Weiss Ratings, speculated in a Twitter post from the 16.04.2019 about whether Skype integrated Bot the XRP tokens to a large audience of approximately 300 million active users the ability to send XRP payments and to receive.

Currently, it is already possible for the XRP TipBot on platforms such as Reddit, Twitter, Gmail, and Outlook. Skype is already working on issues such as the Blockchain is active in the company’s processes can be used, however, there is no official confirmation of the fact that XRP may soon be over Skype or receive shipped. However, the Skype product Team has forwarded the idea on to their developers.

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