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“Renault F1 car will have better brakes to go faster”

618308c02b7088fcc3068bb5b3011f65 - "Renault F1 car will have better brakes to go faster"

Renault F1 pilot Daniel Ricciardo believes that the Renault R. S. 19 on the plane of the braking should be better to ensure that the performance of both himself and the car improve.

Daniel Ricciardo, the former. team-mate Max Verstappen, had very much experience with the Red Bull F1 team, experience which he gladly took with him to Renault, but that he’s really not a lot could do.

“The difficult thing that I have so much to learn and could take from Red Bull, but I really have to forget everything, because the car that I now drive am is completely different,” said Ricciardo.

According to Ricciardo fits the style of riding that he and Red Bull had at the Renault F1 car that he now drives. Ricciardo should his driving style somewhat to adapt to the Renault.

“My general style of driving will not necessarily have to be adjusted. I still want the aggressive rider on the stage of the brakes and so on. That is, however, as I get confidence. In terms of measurement I have not so much confidence as that last year I had but that will come.”

According to the Australian, the main focus will be mainly on the improvement of the ‘brakes’ with the Renault F1 car. Currently, the car of Renault in that area, according to Ricciardo yet to be restless.

“I start my work priorities, such as the brakes,” said Ricciardo. “Let us say that I have more confidence should gain during braking, this is something that really could be better.”

“I can be myself on that plane to improve but the car must be in that area to be better.”

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