Hans Sibbel avoid conflicts, preferably

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Hans Sibbel avoid conflicts, preferably

April 20, 2019 11:39
20-04-19 11:39
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Comedian Hans Sibbel avoided prefer conflicts, in the hope that the conflict automatically would resolve.

“I was a chickenshit when it came to talking to people and went to a conflict someone out of the way, took not, for example, as the one called,” says Sibbel, better known as Lebbis, Saturday in the Volkskrant.

“I could very logically argue that there is probably nothing to worry about would be if I, the confrontation, however, would engage, but dared not to”, Sibbel further. “That avoidant played on more surfaces. That’s what I thought also when I was a few years ago was seriously ill, first long a cold would be one that went.”

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