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Hannes Van der Bruggen shoots Kortrijk over Cercle, finaleticket comes close

029ba5f782fd8b60f2a1b30102114b29 - Hannes Van der Bruggen shoots Kortrijk over Cercle, finaleticket comes close

KV Kortrijk came, saw and conquered. Or as good as. If there’s one team that’s already beginning to color well-known in Play-off 2 were the Guys. They crossed never under chairs or sofas that they beckon to the finals and after the victory against Cercle is now very close. With thanks to Hannes Van der Bruggen that his first two goals for KV Kortrijk scored.

Because Union a 2-0 lead in the extreme, yet gave away won the Club-KV Kortrijk yesterday. Green-black had after the youngest of 6 on 6 meaning given in Play-off 2. Captain Benjamin Lambot if after his injury and two recent subbing for the first time since december 1 and start again.

Less satisfied was Yves Vanderhaeghe. After the 0-1 defeat against Union, he said openly that he had eight players, but nothing found. Only Pereira, Kagelmacher and Lepoint earned according to the CHAMBER of commerce, a coach, a enough. Injuries did The Sart and Hines-Ike, anyway, from the team disappear, Batsula and Azouni were there on the bank just thinking about it. And there was all the time, because on the field there was much to do. It was equally surprised at a shot from Stojanovic that just next to the intersection. Not that Kortrijk is better or more dangerous, certainly not. Cercle had slightly less ball possession but could be more threatening, many delivered however, it is not.

Joel Pereira must have thought that he to a friendly match with some mates was busy in that scanty occupied stadium. He had a moment to anticipate a ball of Bruno, the Japanese Ueda tried it with a retro and there was the vrijschop of Mercier, which is just next to landed.

But to be there now on Saturday to the soccer ball to go?

Everything in the second half and that was a good guess. First found Bongiovanni yet Pereira on his way, and the hireling of Man You blokte also the attempt of Bruno.

Teddy Chevalier. So cut he man, Etienne, the rear of the Club headed by Hannes Van der Bruggen with the head his first goal ever for Kortrijk scored. But the Guys were barely out partying or it was already 1-1. Etienne gave now his assist on the good side, Kumordzi intercepted they are not sufficient and Bongiovanni made the action very handsome.

The goal came ‘under investigation’ from the VAR because there was a question of offside but was ultimately validated.

We still have to ask to Hannes Van der Bruggen and what he had eaten. In three seasons not a single time scoring, and then suddenly two in one evening. The cross of Chevalier was allowed far too easy to leave, back when the Club responded no and Hannes Van der Bruggen came for the second time in a row, perfectly run-in and scored, now with the foot. The club was no longer able to have something to force.

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