Feyenoord halfway behind in the top match against AZ

a3182835911e4c5393ed886b2f86ceac - Feyenoord halfway behind in the top match against AZ

Feyenoord halfway behind in the top match against AZ

April 20, 2019 18:08
20-04-19 18:08
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A busy Premier league night was opened with FC Groningen-Ajax (0-1) and FC Emmen-FC Utrecht (2-0). Then won Vitesse home of PEC Zwolle (4-1), and from 20.45 pm rolls the ball at Feyenoord-AZ and VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap. Follow everything in this liveblog.

  • Results:
  • FC Groningen-Ajax 0-1
  • FC Emmen-FC Utrecht 2-0
  • Live:
  • Vitesse-PEC Zwolle 4-1
  • Feyenoord-AZ 0-1
  • VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap 1-1

FC Groningen-Ajax · a few seconds ago

Ten Hag: “Have Huntelaar cuddled’
Erik ten Hag is happy with Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, the hint that the winning hit is from Ajax, made on a visit to FC Groningen. “I have him to cuddle, because I am very happy with him. The goal was a real ‘Huntelaar-goal’, with gif. But we have him Tuesday against Vitesse have lost and that is less”, referring to the trainer on the red card. “In the first instance, he did what he came for, but that, second, he must not do. I found already that he’s not off his shirt to draw, especially because he is so experienced.”Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · 8 minutes ago

Past! Vitesse wins in an exciting match against PEC Zwolle 4-1. Vitesse played from the 30th minute in a 1-1 mode with 10 man, but PEC Zwolle could be the numerical majority not to exploit. Even stronger: Vitesse beat mercilessly from three corners. Bryan Linssen scored a hattrick.VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap · 12 minutes ago

Peace! VVV-Venlo and De Graafschap, keep each other in balance in The Fridge. The County came after more than a minute lead through Furdjel Narsingh, VVV fixed just before half-time the damage through Ralf Seuntjens.Feyenoord-AZ · 13 minutes ago

Peace! AZ leads surprising in The Cockpit! Against the ratio, which in turn Mats Seuntjens the Alkmaarders on lead. So comes number three Feyenoord still in trouble on their own soil.VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap · 17 minutes ago38′ GOAL VVV-Venlo! 1-1

Ralf Seuntjens shoot in after a scrimmage for the purpose of The County.FC Groningen-Ajax · 22 minutes ago

The Is relieved after difficult victory Ajax
Ajax captain Matthijs de ligt says happy and relieved after the difficult victory of Ajax FC Groningen (0-1). Substitute Klaas-Jan Huntelaar made Ajax’ only hit, and was later also red. “It is the experience of Klaas-Jan that today makes the difference, he made us also a bit hard. But today I am happy with him,” he says to FOX Sports. “In this period of time it goes only to the three points. Of course we have away thicker won, but today I’m totally happy with it.”Feyenoord-AZ · 24 minutes ago39′ GOAL AZ! 0-1

Against the ratio in AZ ahead in The Cockpit. Adam Maher put sharp, Eric Botteghin tap with a sliding tackle the ball against the thigh of Mats Seuntjens. Very slowly roll the ball in the Feyenoord goal: 0-1.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · 26 minutes ago77′ GOAL Vitesse! 4-1

That is a copy of the 2-1! Bryan Linssen blasts hit again from a corner kick and put the ten from Vitesse at 4-1. What an embarrassment for PEC, that starting from the 30th minute in a 1-1-stand even with a man more plays.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · 31 minutes ago73′ GOAL Vitesse! 3-1

Vitesse expands with ten man just the score. After a smooth attack on multiple drives pushes Mohammed Daude the ball behind PEC-goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart. PEC Zwolle is in deep trouble.Feyenoord-AZ · 42 minutes geleden18′ In the tegenstoot is the nearly strike for AZ. Mats Seuntjens runs nicely away from his opponent and produces with his left to a beautiful krulschot. Just next to it.Feyenoord-AZ · 43 minutes geleden17′ A scrimmage for the purpose of AZ. Van Persie encounter close up on Svensson, who, at the first pole is to remain standing after the cut off corner kick. Also in the rebound, is the not touch for the visitors.Feyenoord-AZ · one hour geleden14′ AZ will have the first chance of the match. Koopmeiners put a keen on the inglijdende Seuntjens, that a teenlengte deficit is to get the ball within tap.Feyenoord-AZ · one hour geledenRobin van Persie makes again friends for the kick-off of Feyenoord-AZ.

🙌 | @Persie_Official makes friends in the catacombs.


AuteurFOX SportsMoment of plaatsen20:48 – 20 april 2019Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago,48′ GOAL Vitesse! 2-1

Bryan Linssen put the ten of Vitesse again on lead. The small attacker jumps high and blasts clever touch from a corner kick, his trademark. PEC Zwolle will run behind the facts in Arnhem.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · one hour agoKick-off! Lennart Thy makes a start to the second half of Vitesse-PEC Zwolle.VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap · one hour ago2′ GOAL The County! 0-1

Furdjel Narsingh has only one minute needed to score to open in The Cool. The attacker of The County of scrolls neatly tap into the far corner.Feyenoord-AZ · one hour agoKick-off! Robin van Persie set the ball rolling in The Cockpit, which is a lot better filled than the past few weeks.VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap · one hour agoKick-off! VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap is on the way.FC Groningen-Ajax · one hour ago

To Wierik: “It was a free ball for us”
Klaas-Jan Huntelaar kept the light fixed upon Tim Craftsman at the time that he is the 0-1 for Ajax. Mike te Wierik disapproved the decision of referee Dennis Higler. “He’s not going for the joke into the ground. There is from both sides held. I understand, however, that we protest, it was a free ball for us, I think. On the other hand, he was blown off, I think.”Feyenoord-AZ · one hour ago

A disappointment for AZ: Fredrik Midtsjø is injured during the warm-up. Stijn Wuytens looks like his replacement to be.VVV-Venlo-De Graafschap · one hour ago

Also at 20.45 hours: a match in the basement of the Eredivisie between VVV-Venlo and De Graafschap. Who is there as the winner of the fight, number 13 VVV-Venlo or number 15 The County?

Preparation VVV-Venlo: Unnerstall; Rutten, Röseler, Josimar Lima, Janssen; Opoku, Bridges, Linthorst; Van Ooijen, Mlapa, Joosten.

Set Up The County: Bertrams; Owusu, Straalman, Sven Nieuwpoort, Tutuarima; Fat, Matusiwa, El Jebli; Narsingh, Benschop, Burgzorg.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · one hour ago

Peace! An eventful first half in Arnhem. Vitesse came in house early lead against PEC Zwolle through Bryan Linssen, but could thanks to Lennart Thy not long enjoy the advantage. Vitesse plays from the half-hour with ten men after the red card of Alexander Büttner.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · one hour geleden40′ Meanwhile, Vitesse for quite a while with ten men after a direct red card for Alexander Büttner. The full received his first yellow from referee Björn Kuipers, but after intervention of the VAR, he must early to take a shower.FC Groningen-Ajax · one hour ago

Past! Klaas-Jan Huntelaar played a leading role in the difficult uitzege of Ajax FC Groningen: 0-1. The sunken spire to shoot Ajax to the victory, but the Locals in the final also in difficulty after his red card (two times yellow). Ajax, remains intact, thanks to an excellent goalkeeper Andre Onana, and remains so on titelkoers in the Premier league.FC Emmen-FC Utrecht · one hour ago

Past! FC Emmen stunt again in the Premier league. The club from Drenthe whips in the house of the top teams FC Utrecht 2-0. Michael the Lion and Keziah Veendorp scored for the home team.FC Groningen-Ajax · one hour geleden90′ The minimal extra time is five minutes.FC Groningen-Ajax · one hour geleden88′ An extra lock on the door of Ajax. At Hag commits his third switch: Hakim Ziyech leaves the field for Rasmus Kristensen.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden86′ Onana keep Ajax on the leg! The goalkeeper saves with a sublime reflex on the pumping header from Paul Gladon. Ajax in the tribulation after the red card for Klaas-Jan Huntelaar.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden84′ Red!!! Klaas-Jan Huntelaar gets his second yellow card after an elbow, after he scored all of his t-shirt pulled up. Ajax should with ten man victory against FC Groningen over the line to draw.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden83′ Kaj Sierhuis tried his luck from distance. That was something opportunistic about the Groningen-mercenary: high about.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago23′ GOAL PEC Zwolle! 1-1

Lennart Thy is unlocked in the penalty area from Vitesse and curls a neat touch. PEC Zwolle is back on equal height with Vitesse.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden80′ The VAR gives his blessing. The goal from Klaas-Jan Huntelaar counts. Ajax leads with 0-1 at FC Groningen.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago78′ GOAL Ajax! 0-1

Klaas-Jan Huntelaar for Ajax. The striker shoots hard against the ropes after a duel with Craftsman. The VAR goes to the pictures look…FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden77′ Hakim Ziyech curled a free-kick from about 20 metres just over the goal from FC Groningen goalkeeper Sergio Padt.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden77′ Second transition at Ajax: Kasper Dolberg comes as an extra striker inside the lines for David Neres.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Know Frenkie de Jong all the time, or grab Ajax in the slot of the duel with FC Groningen to win? Another quarter of an hour to play.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden75′ Dennis Higler need to bake. Also Ludovit Trip picks up a yellow card after a violation. It takes Ajax, it’s only the rhythm, this delay.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden73′ irritation ‘ walk on in Groningen. Samir Memisevic gets yellow after a breach at Jöel Veltman, who is also on the receipt after pushing Memisevic.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden72′ Mike te Wierik makes a clamor to referee Dennis Higler, but the VAR finds that there is little happened in the duel with Tagliafico. Ajax still has a small twenty minutes to no damage in the titelrace with PSV.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden71′ Mike te Wierik goes to the ground after a touch from Nicolas Tagliafico. The VAR look at the images.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden68’ First switch from FC Groningen: Mo el Hankouri lost Ilias Bel Hassani.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden66′ Whew! Nicolas Tagliafico is aiming for in the short corner, a cross from Joel Veltman, but there is also the shoe of FC Groningen defender Zeefuik.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours ago9′ GOAL Vitesse! 1-0

Bryan Linssen opens in a curious way the score in Arnhem. The attacker scored with his shoulder from a corner kick. The arbitration adopts the goal well. Vitesse leads.Feyenoord-AZ · 2 hours ago

Feyenoord defends tonight from 20.45 hrs the third place against challenger AZ. The place gives at the end of the season right on the placement for the second qualifying round of the Europa League. At Feyenoord is Jörgensen suspended.

Preparation Feyenoord: Vermeer; Martina, Botteghin, Van Beek, Malacia; Van La Parra, Toornstra, Vilhena; Berghuis, Van Persie, Larsson.

Preparation AZ: Bizot; Svensson, Vlaar, Koopmeiners, Ouwejan; Midstjø, Lift, Maher; Stengs, Seuntjens, Gudmondsson.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden59′ Erik ten Hag to grips with Ajax, and commits his first change: Klaas-Jan Huntelaar comes within the lines, he replaces Lasse Schöne.Vitesse-PEC Zwolle · 2 hours agoKick-off! Bryan Linssen brings Vitesse-PEC Zwolle.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden56′ What a chance for FC Groningen! Ritsu Doan face to face with Ajax goalkeeper Onana and slide with his left right next to it. That was the 1-0 to Groningen.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden55′ Kaj Sierhuis has no fear against his original employer Ajax. The striker drags old-fashioned about keeping field and it is now also the goal of Ajax goalkeeper Onana hard under fire. A gauge and next.FC Groningen-Ajax · 2 hours geleden53′ right back Joel Veltman goes on an adventure and comes out to the penalty area of FC Groningen, where he took a slap shot produces.Back to top

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