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Eupen and STVV share the points in afscheidsmatch of Luis Garcia

d8ed4692a8bf83f8e4891ceeca868227 - Eupen and STVV share the points in afscheidsmatch of Luis Garcia

Eupen and STVV have a Saturday night on the fifth match day in Play-off 2 the points shared. The afscheidsmatch of the Eupense captain Luis Garcia ended on 1-1 at the Kehrweg. The Canaries remain the leader in group A.

Eupen fourth in the ” home against STVV, the farewell of captain Luis Garcia and nam for the first time to the Spanish veteran in the flowers. The 38-year-old Garcia returns after five seasons in the east Cantons go back to their own country.

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After a poor first half without really shooting skill, came STVV with more aanvalsdrang out of the dressing room. Daichi Kamada tapped from close to the opening goal. A few minutes later, forced Botaka the Eupense keeper Van Crombrugge a tricky parade. Long, the visitors could not, however, of the ahead enjoy. Alessio Castro-Montes. retook the leather on the edge of the sixteen, and got brutally out: 1-1.

STVV was struck by the equalizer, and came a few times. Marreh said, first against the crossbar and Garcia hit the crossbar. After STVV defender Jorge Teixeira red had gotten for handplay, let the captain in his afscheidsmatch a penalty kick untapped. In the injury time pinkte Garcia, who applausvervanging got a little tear away during a close omhelsing with his team mates on the field. The Eupense pressure continued, but it remained 1-1. Gnaka kicked in the slotseconden from a sharp angle against the pole.

Halfway through the play-offs remains STVV with 11 points leader in group A.

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