Emotional farewell of Steven in ‘Home’

72cc6d21dd90cb5b87299ace0275ab61 - Emotional farewell of Steven in 'Home'

In the Home-delivery on Friday celebrated emotions reign supreme. There was a place for joy with a new found love and desire, there is passion, there is anger and disillusionment, emptiness, but also warmth and comfort.

Friday was Eddy and Angèle, who recently returned, the other back. It starts unfortunately bad with Eddy that comes too late on their date. But fortunately the weather is good.
Eddy tells Angèle: “I hope from the bottom of my heart that you give me another chance. What I really want to say is: that I you are still amazing love to see, in all areas.”
Eddy: “Can I maybe have a totje?”
Angèle: “Oh Eddy, I thought that you never went!”

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