Born in the U. S. A. on 1 in the first-ever Album Top 500 by Joe

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Since the start of the easter holidays could be the Joe-listeners for two weeks the 500 most iconic albums from more than 60 years of popular music heard during the first-ever Album Top 500 at Joe. The album ‘Born in the U. S. A.’ by Bruce Springsteen could be the Joe-listeners the most and is at the top of the list. ‘Reckless’ by Bryan Adams and ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ of Pink Floyd fill the top 3. The highest ranked Belgian album is the debut album ” Gorky of Gorky on place 25. “What do you mean’ Clouseau and the ‘Here and Now’ of The Kreuners are, respectively, at position 36 and position 44.

The Joe-listeners voted a very wide range of albums in the list: the pop songs of ABBA to the chanson of Jacques Brel and the punk of the Sex Pistols. Joe-dj’s Nathalie Delporte, Carl Schmitz, Kenneth Stevens, and Jan Bosman loodsten the listeners through the list. They were running two songs from each album. The Beatles have nine quotations, most of the albums in the list, and then the solo albums of Paul McCartney and John Lennon not taken into account. Queen and U2 deserve each have 8 listings for the silver medal. Madonna follows in the foot with seven quotations.

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