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Bayern Munich narrowly over Werder Bremen, first time not scoring

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Bayern Munich in their own Allianz Arena, not failed. The sick of the palsy after a difficult contest is over Werder Bremen with 1-0. By that victory is Bayern are now four points for Dortmund, that tomorrow play. For Werder, it is the first time this season that they could not score. Next week on Wednesday to play both clubs in the semi-finals of the German cup again against each other.

After the 5-0 victory against rival Dortmund and 27 goals in the last six games, was the Bayernpubliek ready for a new doelpuntenspektakel. This time had to Werder Bremen for the axe. The victory should Dortmund tomorrow win at Freiburg to connect with Bayern to retain. Werder Bremen had the chance on the sixth place, that gives the right to European football, are.

It seemed as though Bayern boiled. There was no line in the game, and Werder could quietly meevoetballen. In the first half was Bayern only once threatened by Gnabry. The 23-year-old German was the bedrijvigste man in the first 45 minutes. Bremen let Bayern play football, and stuck a foot between the ball where needed.

Only in the second half began die Roten to threaten. Werder picked up on the hour, a red card which makes Bayern more to went for and through Lewandowski and Müller some great opportunities afdwong. Each time was an excellent Pavlenka, a Bremense foot or the doelhout in the way. Bremen lost control and could eventually Süle the 1-0 on the board shoot with still a quarter to play.

Bayern gave the ball off more and won earned. Werder Bremen could for the first time this season not to score. This is PSG the only club that could. With this victory puts Bayern Dortmund under pressure. The club Axel Witsel plays tomorrow on the field of Freiburg. Bayern and Werder are playing Wednesday night yet again against each other for a place in the final of the German cup.

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