Trump crows victory: “I had mrs Mueller has been able to dismiss’

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The American president Donald Trump is arguing that the report Mueller are large, equal, proves, also argues that document to him may not be entirely free. Some democratic members of parliament advocating for the startup of the dismissal, but that seems to be a risky attempt.

The American president Donald Trump spread already at the time of publication of the report in Games of Thrones-style, announcing that it’s ‘game over’ for his political opponents. With a whole series of tweet, he seemed to-night still to go.

As he pointed out that he actually is special prosecutor Robert Mueller had been able to dismiss. “I had it right the whole witch-hunt to an end, as I had wanted. I had them all able to fire, even Mueller, as I had wanted. I have decided not to do it, ” wrote Trump, thus suggesting that he was sure he would prevail.


But also after the publication of the report is the last word not yet said. For example, in the document ten attempts by Trump to the research to influence the list below. But obstruction the administration of justice, blame them not him. The attempts to influence are particularly successful because staff have instructions not followed, the report concluded.

Some members of the democrats view this as yet enough material to make the so-called impeachment proceedings to start. A number of prominent new members of congress, under the leadership of Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already announced the dismissal to want to start.

But even with that, it is very unlikely that Trump would have to resign: the democrats are divided amongst themselves, and the necessary majority in the Senate they have not.

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