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Max Verstappen hopes on F1 victories halfway through the season

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Max Verstappen is hoping that his team Red Bull at the half of the season, a fist against Ferrari and Mercedes, and that all types of circuits.

With Red Bull that still a lot of work ahead in terms of the chassis, and Honda that also has a few procentjes can win Max Verstappen not bad start in 2019.

In addition, there is an improvement coming for both Red Bull and Honda have already announced that they will be in the near future with the necessary updates will come.

“We come with a HORSEPOWER deficit”
“I think we still have some HORSEPOWER deficit, but we are already a little shorter come,” said Verstappen, as opposed to ‘Motorsport.’ “In terms of the car, we must also improve in order to really be competitive. We’ll see.”

“Hopefully we can in the middle of the season say that we are not only competitive at circuits without the straight pieces.”

“We’re still losing time on the straights, that is a fact. Certainly in comparison with Ferrari, they have found something this year but no one knows exactly what. They have done their homework well made and we must ensure that we come closer with our chassis and our engine.”

Satisfied with the beginning of F1 season
Despite the fact that they have some work ahead of us to have at Red Bull is Verstappen satisfied with his start to the season. After three GP’s, we find the young Dutchman back on a third place in the standings to the world cup.

“Generally speaking, we are satisfied with our start. I don’t think anyone expected that we go for the victory would fight, that would be unrealistic. It takes always a little time with a new motorpartner.”

“I am very happy with Honda so far. The motor is very reliable, the power can always be better, but we knew that. They are very hard working, we may not complain.”

“In the area of the car should we try to get more downforce to be found, we should generally be more consistent balance during the race. At the moment we have the maximum out of what we have.”

In 2020, will compete for the F1 title?
As is asked of him or he in 2020, as a throw back to the world title might do keeps Stumbling a little on the plain.

“It is still very early in the season and at this moment we are third in the championship, everything is still possible. We must ensure that we are good to get the updates for the car and the engine and everything is possible.”

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