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Mathieu Vanneste (Haasrode Leuven) will play next season for Par-ky Menen: “seize the Opportunities in Menen and the national team”

76f4eeed78263170f86d52700badc4c5 - Mathieu Vanneste (Haasrode Leuven) will play next season for Par-ky Menen: “seize the Opportunities in Menen and the national team”

Mathieu Vanneste (20) makes next season the transfer from Haasrode Leuven to Par-ky Menen. He signed a contract of 2 years. A well-thought-out choice, says the Loppemnaar itself, so after a course at the topsportschool in Vilvoorde and three years playing at Haasrode Leuven closer to home will be playing.

Vanneste was last season voted the rookie of the year and made all impression of the reception-hoekspeler at Haasrode Leuven, but now is the time for something else. “I didn’t want too long at the same club hang and had the urge to get a little closer to home to play volleyball. My studies in marketing can I continue in Leuven, for allowing me to re-home can live in and with the car to training. So I will stay as West-Flemish are still in my roots.”

But the West-Flemish land was not the only thing that the decision of the Loppemnaar has affected. In Believe get Vanneste with Frank Depestele his current assistant coach as head coach. “It is great that Frank is there. He wanted me to happy to be there. Frank is a coach who is very good can motivate. With him there will be a close-knit team, and that in combination with that crazy atmosphere of a sold-out ‘Hell of Believe, because I look forward to it. With Leuven, we could already taste the enthusiasm of the Meense supporters, but the atmosphere of a sold-out hell that I have not yet seen.”

“Look out for the Golden European League with national team”

“I think it’s important as a young player, not too early, a large step may convert, but this choice, I well thought-out. I know which I start. The competition in Menen for a spot in the basisploeg will be larger than Leuven, but I hope me to be able to show as I was at Louvain have done and all the opportunities that I get.”

And those opportunities will Vanneste, not only in the Belgian league. “I’m selected for the selection of the Golden European League with the seniorenploeg of the Red Dragons. There are 3 hatches this summer and for that of the Golden European League they put a lot in to the youth. That is a huge step I’m really looking forward to.”

But first, one last match with Leuven tonight. “I wanted today to announce that I departure. So can I tonight 1 times pops and everyone in Leuven to say goodbye.”

Haasrode Leuven – Caruur Volley Gent: 20.30

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