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Listeners of Joe choose ‘Born in the U. S. A.’ as the most iconic album

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The listeners of the radio station Joe have the album ‘Born in the U. S. A.’ by Bruce Springsteen was voted the most iconic album. ‘Reckless’ by Bryan Adams and ‘The dark side of the moon’ of Pink Floyd fill the top three.

During the easter holidays could be the Joe-listeners for two weeks in the 500, according to them, most iconic albums and more than sixty years of popular music to hear, and that during the first-ever Album Top 500 at Joe. The album ‘Born in the U. S. A.’ by Bruce Springsteen could be the Joe-listeners the most. The highest ranked Belgian album is the debut album ” Gorky of Gorky on place 25. “What do you mean’ Clouseau and the ‘Here and Now’ of The Kreuners are, respectively, at position 36 and position 44.

The Joe-listeners voted a very wide range of albums in the list: the pop songs of ABBA to the chanson of Jacques Brel and the punk of the Sex Pistols. Joe-dj’s Nathalie Delporte, Carl Schmitz, Kenneth Stevens, and Jan Bosman turned two songs from each album.

The Beatles have nine quotations, most of the albums in the list, and that without the two solo albums of Paul McCartney and John Lennon to count. Queen and U2 deserve each with eight listings in the silver medal. Madonna follows them on foot with seven quotations.

Also the most iconic soundtracks were, according to the Joe-listeners not in the list. The highest ranked soundtrack is on place 24 and the movie Grease. Hits like ” You’re the one that I want’ and ‘Sandy’ let the other soundtracks far behind. Dirty dancing took place 192, followed by The bodyguard on place 243.

The top 10 of the Album Top 500:

1. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Born in the U. S. A.

2. BRYAN ADAMS – Reckless

3. PINK FLOYD – The dark side of the moon

4. FLEETWOOD MAC – Rumours


6. MADONNA – True blue

7. BEATLES – Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

8. ABBA – Arrival

9. DIRE STRAITS – Brothers in arms

10. PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION – Purple rain

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