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Limburg United lose at home for the first time with coach Lynch

218e8d152a67117273ef7a2f0dc25dc3 - Limburg United lose at home for the first time with coach Lynch

With nine days before the bow pushes Mountains after the 81-85 win in Hasselt Limburg United, a firm at the end of wonder in the duel for the fifth spot.

For the fifth back-to-back weekends in a row wins the Mountains the first game of the duo. Also confirm the Borains their reputation with a third victory in a row on foreign soil. Put them a point behind the four consecutive Limburg thuiszeges since the return of coach Lynch.

After six exploratory minutes took Mountains at 9-9 away. Morris driepunterde Limburg at 22-21 to the pipeline, but the answer of Jones was also a bomb. From 22-24 checked the Borains the spelbeeld and the scoreboard. Nikoloc exceeded after the rest immediately the tienpunten-border: 30-41. After 34-48 gnawed Mukubu and co at 46-54 and 80-80 to the backlog. Smith explained to the vrijworplijn the 81-85-end position. Jones (26 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists) was the man of the match.

LIMBURG UNITED: (30 to 58, of which 10 to 22 triples, 11 to 14 vrijworpen, 17 errors) CARRINGTON 2-2, KOHAJDA 4-0, DEPUYDT 2-1, DELALIEUX 0-0, PICKENS 7-0, D. Morris 3-5, Mukubu 0-9, Dedroog 0-0, Spicer 6-4, Unruh 4-16, Price 2-14.

MOUNTAINS: (35, 57 of which 8 are on 15 triples, 7 to 10 vrijworpen, 17 errors) JONES 16-10, NIKOLIC 6-4, CHRABASCZ 7-9, SMITH 2-0, CAGE 1-4, Van Caeneghem 1-3, Mortant 0 – 0, S. Morris 0-6, Lasisi 3-5.

QUARTZ: 13-19, 17-20, 26-31, 25-15.

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