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IOTA is a partnership with EVRYTHING

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Marcel Knobloch –

The German Cryptocurrency IOTA deals with the Internet of things, and is not based, in contrast to Bitcoin and Ethereum on the block chain technology, but relies on the Tangle. In cooperation with the IoT platform EVRYTHING applications easier, faster and safer skalliert.

The cooperation between the two companies includes the Integration of some of the core technologies of IOTA in the Blockchain Integration Hub of EVRYTHING. After the successful implementation of brand article manufacturer to have a “simple and safe Mögkichkeit to scale IoT test applications quickly, and to implement,” – said in the current press release. The new IoT applications to provide customers with more transparency and at the same time, all of the data in real-time along the complete supply chain available.

Dominique Guinard, co-founder and CTO, is pleased that his project real practice has developed applications that sustainable innovations will bring (freely translated):

We celebrate the one year of our EVRYTHNG Blockchain Integration Hub. In the past year, we not only have powerful integrations with some of the most well-known block chains in the world, including the origin of the trail, Tierion, BLOCKv, Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also genuine applications with the technology.

The collaboration with IOTA is particularly valuable since the Ledger technology is aimed specifically at the IoT industry and new opportunities for major brand manufacturers. Although Blockchain-enabled systems can streamline many routine business processes, you need to technically master unbewanderte companies with major challenges. This high cost for Testing the Blockchain and DLT-Plattfformen, to determine what kinds of implementations work best.

IOTA has been selected as the platform because the developers can be reached through the Integration into the existing EVRYTHING Blockchain Hub, “a completely new Dimension in the area of scalability, and interoperability”. In addition, user data or payments without a transaction, can be trusted fees in a trust, admission-free and decentralized environment transmitted securely. Holger Köther, partnership Director of the IOTA Foundation, (freely translated):

The distributed Ledger technology from IOTA is on the Blockchain by secure data transfer and payments to the IoT. Due to the nature of the supply chain and the lack of transparency and trust in the Tangle of technology from IOTA is able to overcome these challenges. This partnership with EVRYTHNG clearly shows how both consumer brands and their customers greater transparency in the procurement and production of consumer goods can benefit.

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