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Golden State Warriors take revenge for thuisnederlaag

24683992ab428ee587d9bfc07b7a3b3a - Golden State Warriors take revenge for thuisnederlaag

Golden State Warriors last Thursday, in his third match in the first round of the play-offs in the North American professional basketcompetitie NBA with 105-132 won the LA Clippers. Thus names the Warriors revenge for the 131-135 thuisnederlaag of a few days ago, and they have to take the lead back in the hands.

Luminary of service with the reigning NBA champion was Kevin Durant, 38 points, 27 of them for the rest, to take over. Stephen Curry was good for 21 points. The fourth duel is Sunday in Los Angeles played.

Denver Nuggets, this season the number two in the Western Conference, ran against a 118-108 defeat against San Antonio Spurs. Derrick White had 36 points to note. Thus, the Spurs 2-1 in the lead.

In the third duel of Thursday was Philadelphia with 131-115 too strong for the Brooklyn Nets and this is the position after three matches at 2-1.

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