Fire Notre-Dame might be caused by a short circuit

770766c8baebe29eb588e6e13d773709 - Fire Notre-Dame might be caused by a short circuit

According to the police is a problem with the electricity supply at the base of the fire in the Notre-Dame of Paris. There are already about forty people answered in the survey. Meanwhile, work on the building of “a large umbrella” to what the rest of the interior is to protect.

News agency Associated Press spoke with someone from the police involved in the investigation, and according to that person there is no evil intent in the game. An ordinary short circuit seems the most likely scenario. To the precise circumstances to find out are still employees of the cathedral and persons involved in the renovations involved are answered.


The newspaper Le Parisien claims that there may be a problem with the lifts on the jobsite. But the police will not comment on that denkspoor.


Meanwhile, it is also made of the protection of what remains of the cathedral. So there is a large tarpaulin over the building, said Charlotte Hubert, president of the architectenvereniging for historic buildings, Friday to French news channel BFMTV.

The fire in the world-famous cathedral destroyed Monday evening a large part of the roof. For the next week of predicted rain in Paris would be yet further damage to the building can cause. Minister of Culture, Franck Riester had already been pointed out further was about to collapse when the water would accumulate on the roof of the cathedral.

The umbrella above the cathedral, the form of a pitched roof. The construction must be higher than the original roof, so that workers will be below able to get to the building to work.

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