Brother Mohamed Merah gets 30 years in prison for complicity

acbac328a0b066f8fc167a86fb8778c9 - Brother Mohamed Merah gets 30 years in prison for complicity

In France, Abdelkader Merah 30 years in prison for complicity in the seven murders his brother Mohamed in march 2012 in Toulouse et Montauban committed.

In the first instance was the brother of the jihadist to a term of imprisonment of twenty years convicted of terrorist bendevorming, but acquitted of aiding and abetting. No element showed, according to the court that he was aware of the intentions and crimes of his brother.

The advocates-general Rémi Crosson du Cormier and Frédéric Bernardo outlined previously the identical route of the two brothers, who were in a broken family grew up, not scared of violence … and radicaliseerden in the prison. One, Mohamed, ‘impulsive, aggressive, ready for action’, the other, Abdelkader, ‘more rational’, self-reection as ‘an intellectual’, a ‘mentor’.

Help with anti theft scooter

Abdelkader Merah (36) is accused that he is “the preparation” of the crimes of his brother deliberately facilitated by him to help in the theft of a scooter with the facts. He was also available for participation in a criminal group with ties to Al-Qaeda.

Between 11 and 19 march 2012, killed Mohamed Merah three soldiers, three children and a teacher at a jewish school in Toulouse and Montauban, before he on march 22 in his apartment by the police was shot after a siege that 32 hours.

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