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Antwerp Giants, his leadership position lost after loss in slotseconde in Charleroi

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Telenet Giants Antwerp is his leadership position lost. The Inhabitants lost for the second time in a row. This time in Charleroi and by the profits of Ostend in Kangaroos Mechelen takes the kustploeg the leadership of the Giants. Immediately a handsome comeback of Pascal Angilis as coach of Charleroi. He took over from the fired Niksa Bavcevic. The Croat was, after the resignation of Brian Lynch at the Spirous, only since the end of november in Charleroi to get started.

Telenet Giants Antwerp opened however strong in a moderately stocked Spiroudôme of Charleroi. Paris Lee dropped a lot of triples and after a 3-0 deficit went quickly and after 5-10 to a 7-16 Antwerp bonus. Charleroi wanted to, but didn’t immediately have an opening, against the tight defense of Telenet Giants Antwerp. Dario Hunt scored with vrjworpen and the incoming Matt Mobley also found the way to the basket.

The Giants had after the first quarter but a 13-22 bonus in the bag. In the second slider made the Spirous via Matt Mobley the connector (29-30) but were the Giants despite missed vrijworpen not started. Vic Sanders and Ismael Bako gave support to Paris Lee and after a flashy alley-oop from Yoeri Blades had the selection of coach Roel Moors again 31-37 bonusje on bag. Paris Lee gave the handsome first half of the Giants have a little more shine. At the buzzer, and with an insanely distant bomb neat Paris Lee the 35-44 lead halfway for Telenet Giants Antwerp.

In the third quarter after a three pointer from a very good playing Yoeri Blades the maximum 35-47 Antwerp the lead, however, quickly the tables wiped off. The Giants members dispossessions, were static in offense and could be a remonte Charleroi’t stop.

Dario Hunt and Matt Mobley made after 45-51 and 54 and 55 for a 59-59 standings after three quartz. In the slotkwart remained Telenet Giants Antwerp with a three pointer from Dave Dudzinski and baskets of Moses Kingsley slightly dominate : 61-64 and 64-68. Charleroi showed, however, punch and wanted that victory after the dismissal of coach Niksa Bavcevic in the Spiroudôme. Alex Libert scored after a drive and Matt Mobley made with a new bomb for 72-71. Matt Mobley was on fire and had to 77-73 with a sixth three pointer. The Giants staggered but Paris Lee scored again with a distant bomb (77-76) and scored with a drive and a bonus vrijworp at 9 seconds from the end 77-79. Quincy Ford got in the slotaanval too much freedom of Jae’Sean Tate. The American thanked him with the twelfth bomb for the Spirous and the 80-79 win for Charleroi was in a party which, while the Giants were monitored, a fact. Nine missed vrijworpen and 15 dispossessions layers to the cause of the loss for the Inhabitants.

Charleroi-Telenet Giants 80-79

Charleroi: Hunt 20, Hammonds 11, Marchant 3, Ford 5, Libert 5, Hervelle 3, Mobley 26, Demirtas 0, Beane 5, Sorokas 2

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Lee 24, Vanes 7, Tate 8, Sanders 14, Bako 9, Thompson 0, Vanwijn 5, Donkor 0, Akyazili 3, Kingsley 4, Dudzinski 5

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