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An evening full of filmpareltjes

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The extended weekend began with a beautiful terrasjesweer. The chances of you tonight televisiekijkt, is thus minimal. Mistakenly, because there are quite a few pearls of movies on the tube.

1 Midnight cowboy

Caz, 20.40 hours

Beautiful movie about two losers who are each other’s path crosses in the New York of the late 60’s. Jon Voight (father of Angelina Jolie and Dustin Hoffman are unforgettable. The film inspires are still people around without looking, cross the street and then to honking cars to roar: “I’m walking here!’

2 Misery

One, 23.35 hours

Kathy Bates, the Ann Dowd of her generation, was rightly an Oscar for her uncanny portrayal in this creepy adaptation of the griezelboek of griezelkoning Stephen King. James Caan has reportedly even nightmares.

3 Our little sister

Canvas, 21.10 hours

The Japanese director Hirokazu Kore-eda allows the filmpareltjes them together to make a beautiful, hm, filmhalssnoer. Shoplifters last year, was a critical hit, but also this endearing portrait of the family is much better than our attempts at imagery.

4 in Respect of

Canvas, 20 hours

In the Northern Irish border city of Derry is Thursday, a journalist shot. The matter poses the question of whether the troubles are back. And then it goes to India, where in the coming weeks, hundreds of millions of people cast their vote. Finally, a new part of the reportagereeks ‘Breaking’ Europe of Rudi Vranckx. This time he visits Lech Walesa, the legendary Polish union leader and former president.

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