Again harm within the Italian government, now by corruption investigation

288ac1cf18d5218e83a065e3959f66c9 - Again harm within the Italian government, now by corruption investigation

It’s sitting there again bovenarms on in the Italian government, now there is a corruption investigation is opened to an employee of the minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini.

It goes to Armando Siri, deputy minister of Transport and economic advisor of Salvini, popular leader of the radical-right-wing Lega. He is suspected of 30,000 euros to have received for the wind industry to try to favour of the government. Siri denies the allegations strongly, and emphasises answered to want to be by the court. The consultant doesn’t think that to steps.

But for the populist Vijfsterrenbeweging, a statement from the Lega of Salvini, the man should have resigned, given the seriousness of the accusation. “It is clear that he should resign (…) It is a moral and political issue’, according to Luigi di Maio of M5S.

Siri would be bribed by a man who had ties with the fugitive Sicilian mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro. But according to the detectives was Siri not be aware of it.

The Lega explains in a press release ” the full confidence to keep in Siri.

Rumor mill

The whole issue does again the rumor mill turning on a possible fall of the government and early elections. Edaordo Rixi, deputy minister of Infrastructure, said Friday in the newspaper La Republicca that ‘everyone in his party (Lega, ed.) it has had with the Vijfsterrenbeweging’. Di Maio showed, in turn, suggest that his party has contacts with Berlusconi.

It is going to be yet another open conflict between the Italian coalition partners, but by the campaign for the European elections in may, the contradictions are even more sharpened. Italian premier Giuseppe Conte, who often acts as a mediator, would not comment on the case.

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