The Flemish book market stabilizes in 2018

f2866e636734136850cc3b46147da817 - The Flemish book market stabilizes in 2018

2018 heralded a shift in what the sales figures of the Flemish book sale. The strong decline of the past five years seems to be stopped. The figures are also the first effects of the regulated price visible. Thanks to a number of international best-selling was the selling of literary fiction and non-fiction, again in the elevator. Also the non-fiction Informational genre, and the book had a solid boost.

In 2018, Flanders is 2.9% less books (copies) purchased by the Fleming. In sales continued to decrease limited to 0.2% (188,2 million €). It seems that the Flemish book market stabilises. From an analysis of the evolution in the Flemish book market over the past five years shows that the market before each year with 1.5% and 3% in turnover decreased.

Also compared with our neighbouring countries, the Flemish book market it well. In France, the book market by 0.3%, in Germany by 3.1%. Only the Dutch market in 2018 a positive result (+ 2,7 %) record. Sales in december 2018 amounted to 15.6% of the entire turnover and confirms his name and fame as the best boekenmaand. The year before, increased the weight of december in comparison with previous years, when to 15.2%.

In 2017, for the first time in Flanders, a regulated price have been introduced. The decree that is to booksellers imposes the price determined by the publisher or importer, to respect (minimal discounts can continue to be made for specific target groups), which entered into force on 1 July 2017. The Flemish boekensector in 2018 the first full year the application of the regulated price known.

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