Savior Thai football team itself trapped in cave

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Josh Bratchley, that as a diver was involved in the controversial rescue of a group of young people from a Thai cave, sat at the beginning of this week a full day in an American cave. A reddingsploeg could him Wednesday.

That report British media. Bratchley was Tuesday descended into a cave in Jackson County, in the U.s. in Tennessee. But when the other members of his group bovenkwamen, they saw that Bratchley no more.

Initially, they went to him to find out, but after a few hours they asked yet external assistance. An hour after divers from Arkansas and Florida were turned on, the man was freed.

When he over came, refused Bratchley medical help. He asked a pizza, cites The Guardian Derek Woolbright, who helped with the rescue.

Bratchley helped, as expert of last summer along with the rescue of a group of Thai football players, who, after a flood for weeks, stuck in a cave. He was also extensively honoured, including a reception at the British prime minister, Theresa May.


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