Research report Mueller is released: ‘There was no conspiracy with the Russians’

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The report by special prosecutor Robert Mueller, that 400 pages are counted, is released to the public. The conclusions of the research would remain the same as at the publication of the summary: there was no talk of conspiracy with the Russians.

The American minister Justice William Barr already gave a summary of four pages from the report, in which Trump was acquitted of conspiracy and no decision has been taken on an obstruction of justice. That summary was not exhaustive, but gave an essence of the report.

The personal lawyers of president Trump will get the chance to see the final version of the report, before it is publicly published.


According to Barr remain the conclusions of the report is the same. Russia has in two ways endeavoured to interfere with the Us presidential election in 2016. The Russian company-Internet Research Agency (IRA) has misinformation spread, and the Russian government has a hack-operation set up. Each time, the goal was to get the American voters to disorient,, and their voting behaviour to influence.

But there is no evidence that Trumps campaign actively with the Russians has conspired or cooperated, although there are a lot of contacts have been. Still managed to lead the investigation to charges against 34 defendants, including six close associates of the Trump campaign.

Trump is not, however, fully vrijgepleit. On the question of whether the president of the research inhibiting, gives Mueller is no definitive answer. The president has, according to the special prosecutor no demonstrable crime committed, but is also not fully vrijgepleit.

The president responded via a video on Twitter in which he is ‘no collusion’ several times repeated. He posted a photo that says ‘Game over’.

Mueller got his contract in 2017 and has worked with his team two years to report. His assignment was to investigate any Russian interference in the American presidential election of 2016, and any ties to the campaign team of president Donald Trump.

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