Notre-Dame in three places, ‘very vulnerable’

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There are in the Notre-Damekathedraal ‘three points of greater vulnerability’ that are being worked on. A large group of firefighters are now received at the French presidential palace.

The French minister of Culture, Franck Riester argues that the head of the northern transept, the western front, between the two bell towers and the southern bell tower urgently in need of attention The work for collapses to occur, are in progress.

In addition, there are in the cathedral three ‘very problematic places, ” where the arch has collapsed: the nave, by the collapse of the spire, the junction, and the northern most outstanding.

‘In these three places is the vault collapsed and there is a real risk that the other collapses. For that reason, today propositions”, the minister said.


A few hundred brandweermensen that the fire of the Notre Dame cathedral have been extinguished, on Thursday received at the French presidential palace. President Macron thanked the fire department earlier this week during a tv-speech for their dangerous operation.

The firefighters waited in a long line for the palace in the centre of Paris, and then they have a round of applause from bystanders. ‘The country and the world have us watched, and you were exemplary, ” said Macron.

In total, around 300 people were invited into the banquet hall of the Elysée, including 250 firefighters from Paris and other departments, police officers and members of the Red Cross.

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