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Mercedes boss laughs at rumours of phone calls with Max Verstappen road

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff has let us know that he, along with Jos and Max Verstappen tasty, and laughed about the rumor that he arranged on the line clung to Max for his team to lure.

Recently, Red Bull adviser Dr. Helmut Marko is quoted in ‘Autobild’ when he suspected that Toto Wolff arranged with the Verstappens to the line clung to Max to Mercedes to lure.

When the youngest Verstappen during the GP of China asked for the verdict of his boss, he answered that he even the number of Toto Wolff does not have.

Toto Wolff confirmed that also and responded as follows: “We have there with the three of them a good laugh.”

“I have the number of Max and I to him have never spoken by telephone. Like Max already said that I know Jos has for some time and I consider him also as a friend. we talk about babies and go-karting and when we have our babies together in a go-kart will turn and what a team we would make.”

“There are no conversations about Max or about his contract. Max is because of obvious reasons connected with Red Bull Honda.”

Max Verstappen has a contract with Red Bull until the end of 2020, but there is reportedly a performance clause in his contract. The young Dutchman would be so under certain circumstances early retirement may leave Red Bull as the team’s inadequate performance.

Apart from the fact that it is not so, there are no plans to Verstappen los to weeks at Red Bull let Toto Wolff know.

“We stand behind our riders, and we are not going to be calls to start, just like Max and Jos. I don’t know where that came from,” concludes Wolff.

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