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Mathieu van der Poel about his role in the Amstel Gold Race: “Favorite? Yes. The absolute favourite? I think that’s about it”

e38b93450a2dc99ac0b1638ca0f24b28 - Mathieu van der Poel about his role in the Amstel Gold Race: “Favorite? Yes. The absolute favourite? I think that's about it”

And or Mathieu van der Poel ‘hot’ is. With throngs came to the press this afternoon, come down to the MHotel on the edge of the Genk town to the phenomenon to hear. As a phenomenon he is now, unwillingly, after his demonstrations in Dwars door Vlaanderen and yesterday in the Brabantse pijl. He is prompt also voted a favorite for the Amstel Gold Race, his first participation. With Mathieu the shoulders collects, or what you had thought.

Amstel-organiser Leo Van Vliet is special to Genk slipped to Mathieu to speak, the Dutch press was massively present. Where Mathieu is, there’s something special in the air. Only one boy will find it just ordinary: Mathieu van der Poel. He knows that Sunday voorjaarscampagne quit. Happy with profit but always with a good feeling.

Did you know that you with these results to the start of the Amstel river would be reduced?

“Dreams. But the results are still above the expectation. I was hoping, in one match the final drive. But in all the matches so close to finish, that is really above the expectation.”

Where did you get yourself the most surprised?

“In the Tour of Flanders. After that fall, to come back and still play on Kwaremont and Paterberg, that I really had not thought possible. Also because the race is so long. That I had never gedaah and I liked it.”

What do these classics for you?

“I find it quite particular, a key role to play. But I am still not to think about it. That went as in the cyclo-cross: first look at Nys and all of a sudden you stand in between them. Win the essence remains, it is only a little bit larger.”

You once said that you road racing boring.

“Those moments are there for the past few weeks have been. They are pretty small, but there are times that the countdown is on to the finals.”

Some call you the big favourite for the victory Sunday.

“Favorite, I can me in. The absolute favourite, I find there’s little bit. There are riders who are already much more proven than I am. Valverde, Alaphilippe, of course.”

You fear them, you said yesterday?

“Fear is much said, but I found yet on the climbs that Alaphilippe hard drive upwards. And the Amstel river are even more altimeters. I’m not the lightest in the peloton. If that males of sixty pounds uphill to pass through, you feel it. I hope that deep in the final climb less important and that the content comes up. Alaphilippe is for me currently the best rider in the peloton. But on Sunday, there are still many more. Van Avermaet has the trail and back in the game, Gilbert has in Roubaix impressed. Astana and Movistar will need to do some climbers send, I guess.”

Has the route of the Amstel secrets?

“Of all the matches that I have the past few weeks have driven, I know the best. In the youth I have there quite a lot of sitting. Landal was a sponsor, I went there often from myself train.”

Where is Sunday, the key moment?

“No idea! It can be in so many places happen. The parcourswijziging two years ago is already a good thing. It is a nice and open course. The key moment can now everywhere. Maybe I’ll try it early in a fire. That depends on who goes there and who wants to meekoersen. But if you drive, then you have pretty much.”

You have yesterday certainly made an impression.

“They’re not going to be easy even with me driving. That you saw yesterday. I can count on my sprint, to be aware of that the others as well.”

Rates them against you?

“That was yesterday already a little noticeable, I thought. With me involved are equal , the legs covered up. But if the leaders there are, however, well drove.”

Do you know the last Dutch winner?

“I’m not as at home in koersgeschiedenis. That my father, the contest has won, I know. But not in which year, a long time ago in any case. The Amstel is not easy to win but that is no voorjaarskoers.”

Would win something entail in the Netherlands?

“No idea, we will see. There is a rap said I’m going to win, I think. I do notice that all wide spread. With performance on the road, you will reach a slightly wider audience than in cyclo-cross.”

Do you find that fine?

“I’m not really awake.”

And what after the Amstel?

“I have not really viewed. First, let this complete. Albstadt is my first world cup mountain bike. Furthermore, I know not yet.

How do you stay mentally muster?

“Mental fatigue, I have not. If you always get good results, then it is easier to continue to work for your goals.”

Have all teams informed?

“Yes, that has happened. What I answer? I have a contract have until 2023 and that there will be no interest to change.”

Is cyclocross the perfect training?

“For me, it works. You become very explosive. If you still can link it to continuous power, then you have a good mix. But I don’t think any road cycling championships wants to go scoot in the winter. There are anyway a lot of that off road driving in their preparation.”

Ensure that results for additional hungry?

“Hmm, bwah, not really actually. I am anyway quite motivated for those games. It is nice that we a direct result of driving. It is very beautiful to begin with. No matter what Sunday’s result is.”

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