Gert Verhulst married soon

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Gert Verhulst is already eleven years together with Ellen Callebout. Married, they are not yet but are going that not last. In The Latest News of Thursday, we read that Gert Verhulst last week vrijgezellenweekend had.

According to The Latest News showed Gert last week in the biggest secret, his bosom friends, flying over to gokparadijs Las Vegas where they all are vrijgezellenavond celebrated. For once, the groom themselves his bachelor party. “It was a trip with friends. No, ‘t is not a copy of ‘The Hangover’ has become. But Las Vegas was a dream city for something like that. All I’ve mainly suffered from jet lag,” laughs Jones in the newspaper Thursday. “Even during a show by Cirque de Soleil I had against sleep fight. I hardly dare to say it, but I have no time midnight to see”, concludes Gert Verhulst.

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