FOUR follows Jo Lernout in the Philippines

ef4ccef6fa6491b6c2557e20e3bd8d14 - FOUR follows Jo Lernout in the Philippines

In the second episode of Don’t Worry Be Happy we are guided by Jo Lernout. The former high-tech millionaire leading together with his Filipino in-laws live a quiet life in a poor district in Angeles City. Jo Lernout was founder and owner of the former company Lernout & Hauspie. In the years ’90 was Jo with his company to the absolute top of the technology market. Investors from all over the world, including Microsoft executive Bill Gates, bought shares in L&H. But the company went under, to a condemnation for fraud. Jo Lernout and lost in one blow his entire fortune and has since lived with his wife Annie and her family in the Philippines.

Don’t Worry Be Happy, Thursday, 18 april to 20u35 on FOUR.

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