Finally a dream home in Blind Purchased

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Kim and Cédric had to, and would have their own little spot in Londerzeel. The pleas of the couple to the Sacred Zip code 1840 were interrogated and it came to pass. Dinah, Bart, and Béa succeeded in the fourth episode of Blind Bought a dream home to deliver within the budget of 285.000 euro. That went not without a fight, because in a expensive region is something almost impossible. The expertenmagie of Bart and Béa did his job

Nisse and Mathilde were given a guided tour of their home in Gentbrugge (belgium), but were anything but happy. An ugly ceiling with wooden slats, a small toilet and no grass in the garden were but a few of the things they were. The fear is thick, and Nisse and Mathilde are convinced that Béa too much has paid for the property in its present condition. Bart has yet to 45,000 euros to have the situation put right. Next week will also see their home in full glory.
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