Fateful Battles will be kicked off by team Koen and Bart

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Go home or to the lives: that is the bet of the Battles, coming from Friday 19 april break loose at VTM. It is all or nothing for the 24 remaining candidates, because steals or sing offs can them in this stage of the competition won’t do. With the Battles is The Voice of Flanders to his third stage, after the Blind Auditions and Knockouts. “The chaff is from the wheat separate. The coaches will be pretty hard to get”, be aware of Koen Wauters. In the Battles to take the candidates in duo against each other. On their coaches to determine which 3 topstemmen them to the ultimate in live shows attract. In the first Battle-episode the teams of Koen and Bart.

Before the Battles start, take Koen are poulains on team building… to the hospital. In a stemkliniek, he wants to be literally the voice of candidates examined. “They want to make their life fill with their voice, then they must also know what that looks like and how to use them,” says the coach. After that educational trip, it is up to Amy (20, Willebroek) and Ibe (17, Genk) to their vocal cords loose to throw on Meant To Be from Bebe Rexha. “Two super talented people”, according to Koen, who see it as a personal defeat would be regarded as this ” great duet. Wins the powerful gospel singer Amy the of the mysterious and musical Ibe? “If this is the level of the coming Battles, then we’re going to have a difficult time to meet,” says Alex.

“My mama said, you’re going to be a love song to sing with a boy”. The mother of Rune (17, Schriek) had the right, because for the second battle of team Koen takes Rune on Brad (21, Keerbergen). Koen has for them the romantic Need You Know by Lady Antebellum was selected, including a performance in which they each other deep in the eyes have to watch and uncomfortable to be close to each other to sing. “We are very happy that is very similar,” laughs Rune. Is there sufficient chemistry between them to battle to the end?

In preparation of the Battles, treat Bart and his team on a studiereisje in the direction of Dublin, the capital city of the folk, rock ’n ‘ roll and street musicians. Straffe madammen Rachel (22, Haccourt) and Petra (44, Malle) must first prove that they pick up something of their musical development. No soul nor rock for the ladies, a popnummer them both out of their comfort zone drags: I’m Still Standing by Elton John. “The goal of this issue is not more or not less than the room to detonate. The singer who is most responsible for that explosion, wins the battle”, says Bart.

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