Conservative party in May’s big loser in the new European survey

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Take the British at the end of may part in the European elections, and see to, then it seems the Conservative party of prime minister Theresa May is the big loser. In a new survey of the European Parliament, the Tories from 20 to 12 seats. Largest opposition party, Labour will lose 1 seat, but is the largest.

Now the Brexit again been postponed – this time perhaps until the end of October – it is likely that the British at the end of may, still need to participate in European elections. Great Britain has, as yet, entitled to 73 seats in the European hemisphere.

The British people regard the European elections as a kind of second referendum on the Brexit. And then the Conservative ruling party of prime minister Theresa May is probably the peak. If the United Kingdom at this moment, go vote, then lose the Tories 8 of their 20 seats. This is evident from a new survey of the European Parliament. In percentage terms it is a decline by more than 7 percentage points, from nearly 24 to 16.5 percent.

Labour, the main opposition party, likes to stand. In terms of percentage going to the party leader Jeremy Corbyn and co there is something ahead, from 25.4 to 26,5 percent. They lose this seat, but with 19 seats, however, the largest British party in the European parliament.

Brexit Party

But if we take the polls are to be believed, it is mainly the new Brexit Party of Nigel Farage is the big winner of the European elections. The former UKIP leader, gets out of the nothing, 13.5 percent of the votes or 10 seats, and thus becomes the third British group in the hemisphere. The eurosceptic Farage makes of the conduct of the Brexit, if necessary, without agreement with the EU, the spearhead of his campaign.

UKIP loses significantly. The right eurokritische UK Indepence Party was in 2014 the largest with 24 seats and more than 27 percent of the vote, but dropped without leader Farage back to 9 seats.

Pro-European parties also score

The good news is there than for the smaller, rather pro-European parties. The Libdems go from 1 to 6 seats, the greens of 3 to 5. The Scottish National Party (SNP), is doubling its number of seats from 2 to 4. The Scots voted during the referendum in 2016 already mainly against the Brexit. Also the new party of Change UK, which was founded by dissidents of both Labour as the Conservatives (together with The Independent Group in parliament, ed.) doing well in the polls. That party would be 4 seats. The other smaller British parties such as the Welsh Plaid Cymru or the Northern Irish Sinn Féin pick up, according to forecasts, the remaining 4 seats.

The survey is based on the current composition of the European parliament, which even independently of the Brexit still bright could change after the elections. It is based on the basis of the average of the polls in the member states are carried out.

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