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Alex McLeish sacked: who will coach Scotland against the Red Devils?

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The Scottish football association last Thursday, coach Alex McLeish dismissed. McLeish, who in February last year to his second term of office was started, it was with Scotland’s disappointing to have started the qualifications for Euro 2020. The Scots lost the previous month, their openingsmatch in group I, the group of the Red Devils, with a 3-0 Kazakhstan.

After that pandoering in Astana, won the Scots, however, economical in San Marino (0-2), but that was not enough for McLeish to be his job to keep. Previously had Scotland and McLeish in division C of the Nations League, however, their group won, for Israel and Albania.

The sixty-year old ex-defender was in 2007 once a year the national coach of Scotland. In the clubs he coached next to some of the Scottish (Motherwell, Hibernian and Rangers) and English clubs (Birmingham City, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest), also a season Racing Genk (2014-2015). McLeish handle that year with Genk, next to Play-off 1 and could also be in Play-off 2 no group profit conquer.

On 11 June, Scotland to Brussels for a party in the King baudouin stadium against the Red Devils. Three days earlier there is the home game in Glasgow against Cyprus.

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