Wednesday in Wetsdokters

80b7baf975621f5a8d8c67465f0cca07 - Wednesday in Wetsdokters

In episode 3 of Wetsdokters bending the most experienced and the youngest law doctor are each about a suspicious death: prof. dr. Wim Van de Voorde and dr. Diona D’hondt. The reportagereeks of VTM NEWS could the past few weeks already count on an average of 571.000 viewers.

A young father disappears. A little later a car found in the water, with a corpse in the suitcase. Going to be the missing man? And how is that person to life? Is there someone else involved? Questions to which law doctor Of the For an answer should try.
Prof. dr. Wim Van de Voorde: “the Autopsy is the ultimate means to obtain the truth. We have all the possible observations to the cause and nature of death can be determined.”

A body in water decomposes faster, so there is no time to lose for the law doctor. Nevertheless, he thoroughly first time to the car to investigate. All tracks are very carefully examined, because prof. Van de Voorde and to give a voice to the deceased victim. His research can the survivors might help you in the process of their loss.

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