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Stella Donnelly: an act to (in) to framing

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“My father wants me to clearly make that this song is not about him going’. Stella Donnelly was in the basement of the Botanique several times her songs fit, because a mannenhaatster or furious feminist, she wants to not be called.

Thirty cassettes, two years ago, made of Thrush metal, the debut ep from Stella Donnelly. On the cover you can see her with a innocent look on a jar of noodles inside were shocked, while …

Thirty cassettes, two years ago, made of Thrush metal, the debut ep from Stella Donnelly. On the cover you can see her with a innocent look on a jar of noodles inside were startled, while her grandmother by the title thought that they are with a vaginal infection suffered. A #Metoo-eruption and debut album Beware of the dogs later Donnelly-nilly to the fore as the voice of a generation of women who terugslaat.

Especially songs like ‘Boys will be boys’ and ‘Old man’ brought Donnelly in that position. The first is a sharp indictment about victim blaming of women, the second a portrait of a generation of male figureheads that one for one of their pedestal now fall victims to collectively, in the cover up break-up. Donnelly distinguishes itself not only with a clear voice and disarming humor, but especially by those cases is striking, to appoint in its tracks. ‘Why was she all alone? Wearing her shirt that low? They said, “Boys will be boys” / Deaf to the word no’

Not every song is filled with laden messages. They changes as well love songs, only get that little sappy titles such as ‘Mosquito’ and ‘Allergies’. Also for the first were excuses at his place, and called to her mom. ‘She was so embarrassed to go to her work to go after the number with clear vibratorvermelding on the radio was.’

It was already the third time in less than a year time that Donnelly in our country played, but the first time that the main program was. For the occasion she had her band brought that the half of the setlist were given. A huge added value, because of the show not only on the dynamics between the musician and her audience, but you saw the tape themselves having fun on stage. Instruments were shared and dance moves were so in sync as possible. During the ‘Bistro’ and ‘Who’ she explained, her guitar even on the side. “I” m a really cool EDM dj, I touched a drum machine once and this came out.

Stella Donnelly has a lot to tell, but does that so relaxed and humorous that her supporters are not merely engaged women. On the contrary: the majority of the room did not have a uterus. Donnelly didn’t preach for their own church in the Botanique, but it was strange that they are given the social relevance of its music, not by the brick ceiling of the basement of the concert hall could break into a larger hall.

Was she very modest under and she was happy to see that there people came to listen – an audience that is also good to the album, listened to it, turned out to have. The songs were enthusiastically received, titles were single notes chanted and Donnelly himself shot several times in the laugh by witty jokes of the first rows.

After her show gave Donnelly have that they with what voice problems faced. There was in the songs themselves, however, nothing to hear. Also, on a non-zangtechnisch just know this lady how her voice should be heard without the to elevate.

Stella Donnelly****- seen in the Botanique on 16/04

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