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Spectacle in Champions League: Tottenham after sensational scoreverloop over Manchester City to the semi-final against Ajax

c7a80276a7cff6a8eb20cf42097cafc2 - Spectacle in Champions League: Tottenham after sensational scoreverloop over Manchester City to the semi-final against Ajax

Tottenham Hotspur has after a real spectacle for the semi-finals of the Champions League. Kevin De Bruyne and Vincent Kompany – both in the base – loodsten Manchester City initially from a lost position over Tottenham but a frommelgoals of Llorente was enough for the qualification of the club from London. Red Devil Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen are allowed in the semi-final record against their ex-club Ajax.

The match started sensationally. After ten minutes there were all of four hits on the board, neatly divided among the two clubs. Sterling brought the Citizens quickly on ahead but the South Korean Son made with two hits already for a tap answer. Son scored already in the first leg and thus seemed to become the hero of the Spurs. City had three times the score wanted over the club from London.

But City did not give up. Bernardo Silva made before the end of the tenth minute for the equalizer and again Sterling brought the team of Pep Guardiola is still waiting for the break ahead. Four goals after ten minutes, it was never happened before in the Champions League, let alone in a semi-final.

The contract for the City was simple in the second half: one time score. Sterling was already close to his third, Bernardo Silva could not immediately rebound. Son grabbed in the meantime, a yellow card and would, upon qualifying, the first leg of the semi-finals already miss it. Also the ubiquitous De Bruyne took his chance, but he also came across Lloris. Tottenham poked at by Son and Llorente but it was still City that the law dictated, under the guidance of an impressive Kevin De Bruyne.

It was also, not coincidentally, after a splitting pass from De Bruyne that Agüero is free if build. The Argentine topspits left Lloris with no chance of a chance and kicked the Citizens virtually to the semi-final against Ajax.

Llorente scores

Vertonghen and Alderweireld still had a half hour to the leaning situation to rectify but still, it was especially Manchester City that continued to search for the redeeming fifth hit. And yet! A corner kick for the Spurs landed on the thigh of Llorente and disappeared as behind Ederson in goal. Ref Cakir consulted the images, but took the correct decision: goal. And so it had to be City full to the bucket with still a quarter to go.

Guardiola brought with Leroy Sane still offensive buff but it was of no avail. Sterling scored in injury time is still the fifth hit, but the VAR, the redemptive goal off due to offside of Agüero. The defense of the Spurs with Vertonghen and Alderweireld remained, ultimately, stand up and saddled De Bruyne and co with a hangover with a vengeance, after a spektakelrijke quarter-finals.

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