Several schools in Colorado in lockout, police seek armed woman

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In the Us state of Colorado are several schools as a precaution in the lock-out after a according to the police ‘credible threat’. The FBI is looking for an ‘armed and extremely dangerous’ woman, says the.

The police of Jefferson County, and the FBI reported that an 18-year-old woman the day before to Colorado it was travelled, threats had been expressed and would have tried to buy weapons.

Sol Pais ‘is armed and considered extremely dangerous’, police said. Female, white with brown hair, wearing a black T-shirt, my camouflage trousers and black walking boots. She was last seen in the Foothills park in Jefferson County, notify the authorities.

Previously had the schoolautoriteiten of the region of all tweets that the Columbine High School along with 21 other schools in lock-out were placed, that is to say that the activities continue but access to the institution was strictly limited. Later said it was that all pupils are safe.

The authorities are extremely careful because Pais often spoke about Columbine, the school where on april 20, 1999 twelve students and a teacher were murdered by two former students of the school. The teenagers were the school invaded with guns, rifles and bombs. They beat later in the hand to himself.

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